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Troy: A Total War Saga's Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack DLC launching later this month

Adds Salamis and Argos factions, 18 units, more.

Creative Assembly's Aegean Total War spin-off, Troy: A Total War Saga, is set to receive another helping of paid DLC later this month, this time in the form of the Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack, which comes to the Epic Games Store on 28th January.

Ajax & Diomedes, as its name very much implies, enlivens Troy's core strategy action by introducing the two titular Iliad heroes, alongside new campaign mechanics, new era-inspired warriors, veteran Paragon units, and more.

Ajax the Great, described as the "shield that protects the Achaean Host", is supported by slow but heavily equipped defensive infantry units and powerful missile units, while Diomedes - the King of Argos - specialises in "crushing attacks with well-rounded axe and sword infantry, combined with quick flanking units from surprising locations."

Troy - Ajax & Diomedes Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

In total, the new Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack adds two new factions - Salamis and Argos - plus nine new units for each. Salamis gets Ajax's Wall, Ajax's Companions, Island Spearmen, Locrian Slingers, Salamis Marines, Salamis Spearmen, Salamis Swordsmen, Teucer's Bowmen, and Veteran Locrian Slingers, while Argos can take advantage of Argive Axemen, Night Runners, Argive Raiders, Argive Slingers, Armoured Argive Slingers, Argive Swordsmen, Heroic Axe Runners, Renowned Axemen, and Argive Swordmasters.

The expansion also introduces new Paragon units (veteran versions of regular units with strong stats, attributes, and aura abilities), four new faction mechanics and diplomatic options, the new Stealing the Palladium event, plus Thebes and its seven gates campaign model and battle map. Additional details can be found on the Total War website.

Troy: A Total War Saga's Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack will cost £7.99 when it comes to the Epic Store on 28th January, and it'll be accompanied by a free update for all players on the same day. This adds Hephaestus, the God of Blacksmiths and Volcanoes, to the Divine Will system, as well as the Divine Craftsman Epic Agent.

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