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Ikaruga hits Steam Greenlight

You know what to do.

Japanese developer Treasure has launched cult classic "shmup" Ikaruga on Steam Greenlight in the hope of releasing it on Valve's digital platform.

The vertical shoot 'em up made waves upon its 2001 release for its polarity-switching gameplay. It meant you could switch the ship's polarity at will to absorb enemy bullets of a certain colour.

The Steam version, described as "the latest tune-up version based on Xbox 360 edition", would as you'd expect support the Xbox 360 controller. It also features local two-player co-op.

Ikaruga creator Hiroshi Iuchi, who also directed Radiant Silvergun and Gradius 5, left Treasure some time ago to create Kokuga for Nintendo 3DS.

On Twitter, Treasure said: "New challenge! We are trying to distribute Treasure games on Steam." Perhaps if Ikaruga is greenlit, we may see Radiant Silvergun on the platform, too.

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