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Looks like Ikaruga is coming to PS4

Oh, hell.

It looks like wonderful vertical shoot 'em up Ikaruga is set for PlayStation 4.

Gematsu spotted a PS4 listing for Treasure's bullet hell masterpiece on the German video game ratings board, USK.

Ikaruga came out on the Dreamcast back in 2002, before it hit GameCube in 2003. The Xbox 360 got a version in 2008, then, most recently, PC in 2014.

The cool thing about Ikaruga is it has a polarity-switching system that means you can get hit by or absorb enemy bullets depending on your ship's polarity. It looks like this:

Ikaruga creator Hiroshi Iuchi, who also directed Radiant Silvergun and Gradius 5, left Treasure some time ago to create Kokuga for Nintendo 3DS. He's currently working at M2 (they did all the 3DS Sega Classic remakes) on a new shooter.

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