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Ninja Gaiden 2 headlines MS pre-TGS conference

Ikaruga XBLA also confirmed.

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Microsoft has announced Ninja Gaiden 2 will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 next year during a press conference in Tokyo earlier today.

The media briefing - ahead of next week's Tokyo Game Show - also saw the publisher announce that Lost Odyssey will be released on 6th December in Japan and in Europe and North America next February.

Meanwhile, Xbox Live Arcade was given a boost by news of Rez HD and confirmation of Treasure shoot-'em-up Ikaruga.

Other titles on the way to Live Arcade courtesy of Japanese developers include EXIT (by the end of the year), Omega Five (Hudson) and Triggerheart Exelica (Warashi - a shoot-'em-up with dynamically adapting difficulty).

Square Enix also demoed Xbox 360's Infinite Undiscovery and the 360 build of next-gen title Last Remnant, while Beautiful Katamari - still, by the looks of it, a 360 exclusive - was highlighted ahead of its October release.

You can check out a brief Ninja Gaiden 2 teaser trailer on Eurogamer TV right now, or have a look at the first shots in our NG2 gallery.

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