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Ikaruga shoots up Steam next week

Radiant Silvergun next?

Cult classic shmup Ikaruga launches on Steam on 18th February, developer Treasure has announced.

The game's Steam product page has been updated with the release date.

The PC version includes two-player local play and support for the Xbox 360 controller as well as keyboard and mouse. You can also download replay save data from the leaderboards.

Japanese developer Treasure had launched Ikaruga on Steam Greenlight. The vertical shoot 'em up made waves upon its 2001 release for its polarity-switching gameplay. It meant you could switch the ship's polarity at will to absorb enemy bullets of a certain colour.

Ikaruga creator Hiroshi Iuchi, who also directed Radiant Silvergun and Gradius 5, left Treasure some time ago to create Kokuga for Nintendo 3DS.

What next? Radiant Silvergun?