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Trailblazers is a co-operative racer where you paint your own boost lanes for victory


Developer Supergonk has unveiled a new trailer for Trailblazers, a co-op arcade racer that looks to mix the genre's usual high-speed thrills with the go-faster ink splashing of Splatoon.

Supergonk - a new Guildford-based team consisting of former Codemasters, Bizarre Creations and Lionhead talent - calls Trailblazers "the world's first true, second-to-second co-operative arcade racing game".

What that translates to is a racer designed for teams up to three-versus-three, set across a wonderfully vibrant world of mountain tops, lush forests, and arid desert valleys.

Trailblazers' unique hook is that racers are essentially able to establish their own racing lines, painting them onto the tarmac as they careen around the track. Crucially, racers will gain a speed boost whenever they're in a lane painted by their team mates, meaning they'll want to stick to that line as often as possible. Effectively, the racer in the lead is carving out a new route for their teammates with each new lap - which looks something like this:

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Trailblazers sports a variety of different racers and race cars, each with their own customised stats and abilities, and features single-player challenges across an extended campaign mode, as well as various permutations of multiplayer; there's online play for up to six competitors, and a local split-screen mode for up to four players with additional online or CPU-controlled opponents.

Trailblazers is being published by Rising Star Games and is due to launch on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch sometime this spring.

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