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Total War: Star Wars reportedly in development at Creative Assembly

The crossover we're looking for.

Screenshot of Star Wars Empire Strikes Back showing AT-AT walker vehicles shooting lasers over snowy planet
Image credit: Lucasfilm

Creative Assembly is reportedly working on three new Total War games, including an officially licensed Star Wars game.

The news comes from DualShockers, which has reported as of October 2023 Total War: Star Wars was one of three games in development at the studio.

The studio's most recent game was Total War: Pharaoh, but a Star Wars game would see it return to the more fantastical settings of Total War: Warhammer and (to an extent) Total War: Three Kingdoms.

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The report from DualShockers does not provide further detail on Total War: Star Wars, nor does it name the other two in development. As such, it's impossible to know how far along in development the game is.

Still, with Creative Assembly releasing new games almost annually, perhaps an announcement for its 2024 slate is due soon.

Until then, the studio is working on a free update to Total War: Pharaoh, which will rework the campaign to expand its map and add new playable factions.

Before this, the studio apologised for missteps with the series and offered refunds on Pharaoh after its poor reception from players due to high price and lack of content.

This, alongside the high profile cancellation of loot shooter Hyenas last year, suggests a tricky time for the studio. The studio will now refocus on strategy games, adding further credence to reports of these three new Total War games. A Star Wars version would certainly help turn around the studio's fortunes.

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