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Total War: Pharaoh launches next month

Don't be in denial.

Pharaoh close up from Total War trailer
Image credit: Creative Assembly

Sega has announced the launch date for Total War Pharaoh, which will arrive as a digital download on 11th October.

A limited run physical edition will then launch in Europe just over a week later, on 23rd October, with some extra cosmetic packs and a physical map included. I do like physical maps!

Anyone who pre-orders gets an early access weekend from Friday 29th September to Monday 2nd October and yet more extra cosmetic bits and bobs.

A look at Total War Pharaoh's Egyptian map.Watch on YouTube

Pharaoh is the latest in the long line of historical strategy games from Creative Assembly, this time via its Total War: Troy studio based in Sofia.

The game takes the series back to the dying days of the Bronze Age, and the battles between Egyptians, Hittites and the mysterious Sea Peoples.

"Pharaoh is a game that feels a bit more considered, and also a little understated compared to recent Total Wars," our Chris Tapsell wrote after seeing Total War: Pharaoh earlier this year.

"This is a straight shot of Ancient Egyptian history, with a few creative liberties taken where the data leaves some gaps. It might seem a little low-key, but after years of bombastic, thrash metal fantasy and hybrid, interpretive mixes of history and ancient poetry, Pharaoh might scratch exactly the right kind of historical itch."

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