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Toribash nearly finished for WiiWare

Brilliant ragdoll fighter shapes up.

Developer Nabi Studios has told Eurogamer that work on a WiiWare version of brutal and brilliant ragdoll fighter Toribash is nearly complete.

"Shouldn't be long now before we finish development," said Nabi director Gerald Tock.

He also pointed us towards a brand new trailer for WiiWare Toribash, which he said should demonstrate the smoother fights, and the smearing blood. Some fight editing features, he added, are also built in.

Toribash has two ragdoll fighters rip each other to shreds. Players do this by issuing step-by-step instructions to each limb, and then watching the result of their actions in real-time. It's hilarious and can be played for free on PC and Mac.

The WiiWare version of Toribash is yet to be dated. We're checking details now.