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Tinykin is an eye-catching indie Pikmin

From some of the brains behind Rayman and Rabbids.

Tinykin may be the closest thing we get to a Pikmin 4 at this year's E3, but that's no bad thing.

This dinky puzzle platformer has you controlling a miniature alien astronaut as he explores our world. He's aided in his travels by a swarm of mini creatures, named tinykin.

Sound familiar? While clearly inspired by Nintendo's Pikmin, what impressed me here was how snappy and fluid the movement and exploration looks, with tinykin used to create ladders or skate around.

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Tinykin is the work of Splashteam, a studio set up by former Rayman and Rabbids developers previously at Ubisoft Montpellier. It currently has a Steam page for a PC release in 2022.

Meanwhile, will Nintendo utter the name Pikmin again this year? Its E3 showcase is 5pm UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 15th June.

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