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TimeSplitters 4 confirmed

Again. On FRD's website.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Free Radical has super-duper-double-confirmed that TimeSplitters 4 is in development through a post on its (currently borked) website.

"It's back!" the announcement post began. "Featuring even more crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart pounding hot sweaty action. It's funny, it's frantic and it'll do things you've never seen before! No, not naked girls, even better than that!

"We can't tell you the details yet, the monkeys have a loaded banana pressed against our skull, but this game will take the first person shooter to gaming nirvana. Save the world or die laughing, Timesplitters 4 is coming to getcha!"

It's not the first we've heard of TS4, of course - Haze screen-writer Rob Yescombe has mentioned it previously, while big boss Dave Doak said just the other day that he hoped the game would appear on Wii.

Other platform and release date details are still to be confirmed, although we obviously suspect PS3/360/Wii, and Doak's comments suggest we won't be hearing much more for a while yet because development is still quite preliminary.

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