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TimeSplitters 4 Wii likely

FRD wants to do it.

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Free Radical creative director David Doak says that he would like to see TimeSplitters 4 on Wii.

He'd also like everyone to start petitioning them to redo Second Sight for Wii, as he joked in an interview with Game Informer.

"I think it's a good thing to do," he said, when asked about the idea of doing a Wii FPS, "and I think we want to put [TS4] on the Wii."

"And I'm sure it's possible to do a control scheme that works," he added.

Early examples of Wii FPS games include Red Steel and Medal of Honor Vanguard, but Metroid Prime 3 is the one everyone's waiting for.

"Metroid is on my list," Doak told Game Informer. Good man.

As for TimeSplitters 4, the prospect of a Wii version is exciting, but we shouldn't get our hopes up about seeing it any time soon. When asked in general about the game's development, Doak said that it was happening, but that if they showed what they had done to anyone then it wouldn't look like development.

One game that is in development - and nearly done in fact - is Haze for PS3, which is due out on 23rd November.

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