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THQ promises extra support for Metro 2034

Due "more respectful push" than original.

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Forthcoming FPS sequel Metro 2034 is going to get much more attention lavished on it than its 2010 predecessor, publisher THQ has pledged.

Speaking in an interview with IGN, games VP Danny Bilson announced that the follow up to the 4A Games-developed Metro 2033 would see considerable investment in both development resources and marketing in an effort to reach a wider audience.

"There were certain things in [Metro 2033], even though it looked sensational, some of the shooting mechanics need to be better polished to compete with the Call of Dutys. They are this time," he explained.

"For marketing, it'll get a much more respectful push," he added.

The original, which saw you gunning your way through post-apocalyptic Moscow's mutant-infested underground system, drew praise from Eurogamer's Jim Rossignol when it launched on PC and Xbox 360 in March last year.

"Metro 2033 is far busier and far more accomplished than I expected it to be" he wrote in his 8/10 review, "and it's also one of the best-looking games - at least in a few very special scenes - on the Xbox 360."

Bilson is clearly also a big fan of the franchise, explaining that THQ was striving to preserve its unique atmosphere and feel.

"I'm a big supporter of that team in Kiev," said Bilson of Ukrainian developer 4A Games.

"It's an original Russian franchise. We don't want to mess with it and Americanise it. It's got its own point of view. Even though our guys in Agoura did a lot of the work on the fiction, this time it's still that vision. You're going to see a more polished game, you're going to see some crazy technology. We green-lit it before the other one shipped and you're going to see some of it at E3."

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