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This 55-inch LG C3 OLED is down to £1079 from Amazon right now

An incredibly low price for a sublime telly.

The C3 OLED is LG's latest and greatest option - that is, for now, until the C4 releases fully - but until then, we're seeing some solid discounts on the current models. A case in point is this 55-inch iteration of the C3, which is currently £150 off its £1249 list price to bring it down to £1079 - that's a great price on a capable telly for all manner of content.

The C3 adds quality of life features over the previous year's model, so is really only worthy of consideration if you're moving from an OLED panel that's four years old at least. Foe instance, the C3 comes with a new processor, with its Alpha 9 Gen 6 chip, but as well as offering a snappier experience, it also brings with it some new internal smarts. There are also a range of smaller features which optimise the experience further, including a new operating system in webOS 23, which provides a simplified UI, as well as a dedidcated sound sub-menu in the Game Optimiser menu, as well as a new feature called Quick Media Switching VRR, which prevents the momentary black screen you get when you switch inputs. There are also some new upscaling features and an Object Enhancer, which enhances foreground characters and props in scenes.

Otherwise, the C3 OLED uses the same OLED Evo panel as last year's model. This brings with it some unmatched contrast filled with those signature OLED inky blacks and vibrant colours. The OLED Evo panel also helps it get brighter some of LG's even older models, such as the fan-favourite C1 and previous options. It's on the front of brightness where OLEDs have traditionally struggled against their LED counterparts, making this a much-welcomed upgrade to offer a sublime image. You also get some solid HDR support here, too, with everything from Dolby Vision to HDR10 (there's no HDR10+ though) to accentuate detail in darker areas and offer an even more vivid picture in supported content.

The same as the C2, this C3 also comes with a full complement of four HDMI 2.1 ports that are capable of 4K/120Hz output. This is especially handy for those of us with current gen games consoles, or even if you've got a living room PC, and you want to play games on the big screen. There is also a full selection of VRR support with HDMI Forum VRR, as well as both FreeSync and G-Sync for PC users to ensure a tear and stutter-free gaming experience, and that convenient Game Optimiser menu for getting the best experience out of your C3.

If it's a brand new telly you're after and you've got the room for a 55-inch option, they don't come much better than the LG C3 OLED, especially for this price.

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