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There's a Predator game coming to PS4 in 2020, and it sounds a lot like Evolve

Arnie you'd be excited.

Sony has begun laying the groundwork for its 2020 release schedule with Predator: Hunting Grounds, a PlayStation 4 shooter based on the much-loved action movie franchise.

Shown off during the PlayStation's State of Play broadcast last night, it was described as a competitive asynchronous multiplayer experience. Or, to put it simply, it's a bit like Evolve.

One team of players will control a squad of soldiers armed to to the teeth with lots and lots of guns. Meanwhile, one player will control the Predator.

There are things to do for the human team - taking out bad guys, recovering items - but they face a constant threat from the Predator. Sounds tense! It'll be interesting to see this try and succeed where interest in Evolve tapered off.

Here's the teaser:

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