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Sony's Predator game comes out on PS4 and PC in April

And you can play as a female Predator.

Predator: Hunting Grounds comes out 24th April 2020 on PlayStation 4 and PC, Sony has announced.

Illfonic's previously-thought PlayStation 4-exclusive was shown off during Sony's latest State of Play broadcast.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a competitive asymmetric multiplayer experience. It's a bit like Evolve. One team of four players controls a squad of soldiers armed to the teeth with lots of guns. Meanwhile, one player controls the Predator.

Cover image for YouTube videoPredator: Hunting Grounds - Release Date Trailer

The video above reveals the Predator player gets to choose their class and armour. The Hunter class, for example, is a versatile pick with a balanced loadout. The Berserker has extra power and health. Meanwhile, the Scout has increased speed and stamina. All the iconic weapons from the films are featured, including the Predator's wrist blades, shoulder cannon, spear and disc. We also see a Predator use an explosive bow and arrow. The Predator gets to collect their trophies, too. The video shows the player ripping skull and spine out of their hapless human prey. Yum!

You may also have noticed a female Predator in the video. In a PlayStation Blog post, Jared Gerritzen, project lead and game designer, explained the inclusion of the female Predator is "one of the secrets we have been keeping since announcing Predator: Hunting Grounds".

"When we first came up with what this game would be, I knew we had to create a world where this ultimate female warrior would exist too," Gerritzen said. "We had fun imagining her back-story which helped us create a fierce warrior that any gamer will have fun playing. She is agile, fast, and relentless. She is a huntress without fear and she thrives in the hunt. In the trailer we see her with a weapon that IllFonic created, the Yautja Bow.

"This is no ordinary bow, it deals massive damage to its prey and will pin the enemy to walls and other structures at death. She has access to the entire Predator arsenal as well."