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The Wreck is the next game from BAFTA nominated indie Pixel Hunt

Due out in 2022.

Pixel Hunt, the indie studio behind the BAFTA-nominated Bury Me, My Love, has revealed its new project: The Wreck.

Described as a "mature 3D visual novel", it follows failed screenwriter Junon who must face her past, present and future in a single day.

The game promises to explore motherhood, sisterhood, grief and survival, with the teaser trailer featuring a conversation between a mother and daughter and a, perhaps fatal, car crash.

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Progress will be non-linear as you explore Junon's scattered thoughts.

The Wreck is due for release on PC via Steam in 2022.

Bury Me, My Love is a visual novel about a Syrian refugee and was BAFTA nominated in 2018 for the Game Beyond Entertainment award. Here's Vikki's review.

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