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The Witcher 3 - The Play's The Thing, Philippa Eilhart, Puffins, A Favour for Radovid

How to complete The Play's The Thing, from crafting your masterpiece to tracking down the key players you'll need for your performance.

This page covers The Play's The Thing, Philippa Eilhart, Puffins and A Favour for Radovid. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

With Whoreson out of the picture, it's time to make the long journey back to Novigrad. Sadly, the exit through the secret passage has now been sealed, so you'll need to use the front door on the ground floor.

The Play's The Thing

Outside, battle more of Whoreson's men - including crossbow-wielding snipers (so watch your back) - and leave the grounds via the large gate. Radovid's men are waiting for you on the other side. It seems the king has a favour to ask.

A Favour for Radovid

Go see King Radovid

Once you're on board Radovid's ship, follow the guard toward the king's cabin. Agree to locate Philippa Eilhart, last seen in the mountains to the east of Oxenfurt. This adds Redania's Most Wanted to your secondary quest list. When you're ready, approach the soldier standing guard toward the centre of the deck. This lets you disembark the ship and brings the current quest to a close.

The Play's The Thing (continued)

Tell Priscilla what you've learned about Dudu

Return to Novigrad and speak with Priscilla at the Kingfisher Inn. Once you've discussed how to bring Dudu out of hiding, you've little choice but to go along with Priscilla's ludicrous plan. Agree to help write the play, then decide which of Priscilla's ideas you like best. Next, choose a snazzy title for the production before finally selecting whether it should be a drama or a comedy.

Take the script to Irina Renarde

With Priscilla's masterpiece complete, leave the Kingfisher Inn and make your way toward the objective marker on you mini-map. When you reach the locked door, speak to the ticket seller nearby and purchase a ticket to pass on through. Next, approach Irina in the middle of the yard and strike up a conversation. Work you way through the dialogue options to learn of your next two tasks: recruit talent for your play and visit the docks to pick up some burly men.

Head to the docks and hire ushers for the play

Leave Irina's office and return to the city streets, following the objective marker toward the docks. At your destination, enter the fighting ring and, once the conversation begins, offer your new friend Sofus a job.

Twist the dockworker's arm by offering some gold or by challenging him to a fight. Be warned: the latter option requires that you hand over a large wager in advance. If you're short on cash, it might be easier to pay the smaller lump sum. Decide how you want to proceed and end the conversation. With the men safely in your employ, you're free to move on.

Save the jugglers from the thugs

Recruit jugglers from the performing troupe called the Puffins

To hire the Puffins, follow the objective marker over to their headquarters and enter the building. Work your way through the conversation options and agree to help deal with Fatso's men.

Get rid of the thugs lurking outside the Puffins' house

Return to the street, descend the steps to the south and speak with the bandits below. Ask them to leave the Puffins alone and you're given three options: either start a fight, pay them off or attempt to use the power of suggestion. Make your decision and ready your sword if necessary (mind control doesn't work, it turns out). Once the thugs have been dealt with, the Puffins will graciously offer their services free of charge.

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Get the play underway

Talk to Irina Renarde and start the play

Make your way back to Irina and confirm that preparations for the performance are complete. Next, ask about the text and discuss the cast. Offer your input on who should play who, confirm your choices and agree to begin right away if you're ready.

Once the play starts, you'll need to intermittently select your lines to continue the scene. Pay attention to proceedings and work your theatrical magic. When the curtain falls, speak with the troop to end the quest.

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