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The Witcher 3 - Get Junior, The Gangs of Novigrad, assassins, Dijkstra, Margrave Henckel

Our complete guide to finishing both the Get Junior and The Gangs of Novigrad quests in The Witcher 3.

This page covers Get Junior, The Gangs of Novigrad, assassins, Dijkstra, Margrave Henckel. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

Now that you've discovered Dandelion's plans, loot Priscilla's boudoir and make your way downstairs. Browse the innkeeper's stock if you like, then head outside when you're ready. Back in the cool night air, follow the objective marker to the north-west until you reach the bathhouse.

Knock on the door, ask the bouncer what's keeping the owner so occupied, then step inside.

Get Junior

Get undressed and put your clothing in the dresser

Thrillingly, your next task is to get naked. Rather than faff around in your inventory, however, all you need to do is interact with one of the lockers marked on your mini-map.

Follow Happen

Once you're suitably exposed, follow the doorman through the bathhouse until you reach the door at the end of the room. Interact with it to begin your meeting with Sigi Reuven (AKA Dijkstra), and work your way through the conversation tree until you're interrupted by intruders.

Defeat the assassins

Return to the bathhouse and quell the disturbance with your sword. With peace restored, ask your hosts where you can find Whoreson, then explain why you're looking for him. When Cleaver makes his exit, bring the conversation to a close. Once your clothes are back on, apologise to Reuven for your previous encounter and work you way through the next set of dialogue options. Reuven provides you with three new leads: the casino, the arena or Whoreson's home.

Before wrapping things up, ask if Reuven has any particular beef with Dandelion and he'll hint that he could use your assistance in completing a task. Inquire how you can help (this unlocks the Count Reuven's Treasure quest) and bring the conversation to a close.

Count Reuven's Treasure

Follow Dijkstra

Begin the new quest by making your way down the ladder in the freshly-drained bathtub. Follow Dijkstra along the tunnel, looting the barrels as you go. When you reach the troll, listen to Dijkstra's tale of woe and, if you're feeling up to the challenge, offer to help track down the missing gold. Work through the dialogue options to find out everything you can about the robbery then, once you receive the mould antidote, prepare to investigate the sewers for more clues.

Investigate the site of the break-in using your Witcher Senses

Activate your Witcher Senses and look at the hole in the wall. Examine the half-broken pillar hanging down to reveal more information. When you're ready, pass through the hole and enter the sewer. Investigate the object highlighted in red on the ground opposite, then take a left, continuing along until the pathway splits. Examine the pipe on the ground beneath the arch.

From this point on, your progress is hindered by deadly fungal spores drifting through the sewer tunnels. To continue safely, drink the mould antidote you received a little earlier - it should have been placed in your quick-access Consumables menu. Take a swig, then head through the open gate. Don't bother going through the arch as there's little of interest there.

Examine the pipes to the right, then press onward. Loot the containers on the platform ahead for some decent rewards, then take the tunnel to the right. At the foot of the steps, you'll find more evidence pertaining to your investigation. Examine it, then continue along the passage as it winds around to the north.

As the path widens out, ready yourself for action - the area ahead is teeming with drowners, so stay nimble and work quickly in order to avoid being overwhelmed. If you need a bit of breathing space, move to one of the wider passages and don't forget to cast your Igni Sign - it's particularly efficient in the sewer's narrow tunnels.

With your targets dead, press on into the chamber with four exits. Examine the pearl beneath the southern-most archway, then investigate the corpse in the centre of the room. When you're done, use Igni to burn the body, then head through the archway to the west, looting the containers nearby.

Follow the passage leading north until you reach the end of the tunnel. Deal with any remaining drowners in the area, then examine the gold ring on the ground. Next, investigate the body propped against the nearby wall, then burn it to prevent the drowners from returning. Finally, turn left and proceed through the gate leading west.

In the next, larger, chamber, examine the object on the ground near the gate to the west. When you're ready to proceed, head through the gate and continue along the tunnel until you emerge outside near the water. That concludes your investigation, so retrace your steps through the sewer and leave via the hole in the wall.

Return to the bathhouse and summarise with Dijkstra

Immediately on passing back through the hole, look left and walk to the end of the caged area. There's a chest against the far wall containing the blunt axe, a rusty Novigrad sword and some florens. Grab them, backtrack a little, then follow the passage north-east until you reach the ladder leading up to the bathhouse.

At the top, work your way back through the slightly labyrinthine building in the direction of the objective marker. Once you reach Dijkstra, fill him in on the details of your investigation. Confirm that you smelled sugar on the bomb pieces you found and that the device was hidden inside a drainage pipe. When you wrap up the conversation, accompany Dijkstra back to the bathhouse and begin searching for the pipe in question.

Look for clues about the thieves in the bathhouse side rooms using your Witcher Senses

All you need do to complete your next task is examine the two smaller baths adjacent to the main area - as indicated by the yellow circles on your mini-map. In the larger of the two rooms, your Witcher Senses will highlight a corpse in the water and a silver lid on the side of the bath. Investigate the lid to initiate another conversation with Dijkstra. Work your way through the dialogue options to proceed.

Find Margrave Henckel's house and search it

Go to Margrave Henckel's house

When you're ready, leave the bathhouse and begin your journey through the city, using the objective marker as a guide.

Search Margrave Henckel's house using your Witcher Senses

Once you arrive at Margrave's humble abode, use your Aard spell to blow its bloody doors off, then step inside. Immediately activate your Witcher Senses and start searching for clues. Begin by investigating the footprints on the ground ahead, then follow them as they wind their way upstairs. On the upper landing, make a note of the concealed doorway at the end of the footprint trail, then look for the desk to the left. Grab the mysterious note and bottle.

Solve the riddle from the mysterious note

With both items in your possession, head along the short corridor at the top of the stairs and pass through the door to the left. Use your Witcher Senses to locate the red marker on the wine rack to the right, interact with it then leave the room. Back on the landing, you'll spot that the hidden doorway has opened - so head on through.

Search the hidden room using your Witcher Senses

Once again, activate your Witcher Senses and begin searching for clues. Examine the stain on the ground, the sugar on the desk and the letter on the chest to proceed.

Check what's going on downstairs

Before you investigate the noises below, loot the chest to the left of the bed - you'll find a mastercrafted silver sword inside. Next, leave the room and make your way downstairs. Say hello to some familiar faces, then work your way through the conversation options with Dijkstra, deciding how much of your discoveries you want to reveal. When you're done, head outside.

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Secondary Quest: The Gangs of Novigrad

Talk to the Cleaver

Before you go gallivanting off, investigate the alleyway running north alongside the eastern wall of Margrave's house. Enter the building on the far side of the courtyard. Speak to Cleaver and agree to help him take on Whoreson and his men. This completes the first stage of the The Gangs of Novigrad secondary quest. The remainder of the quest enables you to complete Get Junior's arena and casino objectives quickly and aggressively. Just speak to the dwarves congregating close to each location in order to begin the attack.

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