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The Witcher 3 - Broken Flowers, Zoltan, Dandelion, Superior Racing Saddle, var Attre villa

Our step-by-step guide to finishing the Broken Flowers quest in The Witcher 3, from finding Dandelion to unlocking a new riding saddle!

This page covers Broken Flowers, Zoltan, Dandelion, Superior Racing Saddle and var Attre villa. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

Your dreams have pointed you toward Ciri's friend Dandelion, now the owner of a tavern in Novigrad. Leave the inn (perusing the innkeeper's plentiful supply of food and drink on your way out, if you like) and deal with the drunkards outside.

Broken Flowers

Decide how you want to deal with them, either by giving them money, using the power of suggestion or simply by sending them on their way. Next, follow the objective marker to the Rosemary and Thyme, dealing with any thugs and bandits that dare to attack as you head through the city's shadowy streets.

Help Zoltan chase out the tramps

Before you can continue your investigation, you need to clear out the ruffians inhabiting the building. It's a simple fistfight, but keep moving to avoid being surrounded - there are a fair few enemies to deal with and it's easy to be overwhelmed if they start attacking from all sides. When the tramps have scarpered, chat to Zoltan about Ciri and Dandelion.

Search the ground floor for clues using your Witcher Senses

It seems that Dandelion has disappeared, so activate your Witcher Senses and begin searching the ground floor of the tavern for clues. You won't learn much from the wine barrel, lute, award or diploma so, instead, examine the book resting on the wine rack and agree to investigate Dandelion's lady friends, in case they have more information.

Read Dandelion's planner

Open your Inventory and read Dandelion's Planner to find a list of women's names, plus directions to their owners' homes. When you have the information you need, close your inventory and ready yourself for a tour of the city.

Talk to Zoltan

Before you head outside and begin your search, talk to Zoltan and quiz him on the names in the book to learn more of the women you seek.

Talk to Vespula

Vespula can be found near the huts beyond the castle gates, so follow the objective marker to your destination. On arriving, you've several ways to placate the men harassing your target - either hand over the money owed or end the conversation and silence them with your sword. With the men dead, speak to Vespula to learn more about Dandelion.

Talk to Elihal

Next, remain outside the city walls and begin travelling east. You'll find Elihal in a small building nearby. Engage him in conversation and work your way through the dialogue options to learn what he knows about Dandelion's location. Before you leave, speak to Elihal again if you're interested in browsing his wares - you won't find much in the way of armour, but he carries some extravagant finery and a collection of interesting masks that might come in handy later on.

Talk to Molly

When you're ready, head outside and make your way back through the city gates. Continue through the streets until you reach the Baroness' villa. Once there, agree to accompany the Baroness and her gentlemen friend to the races (or choose to find Molly in your own time, if you prefer), to bring the conversation to a close.

At the estate beyond the city gates, finish conversing with the general and, if you fancy trying your hand at winning his saddle, agree to participate in a race. Decide on your horse (the previous conversation should tell you everything you need to know about their relative strengths and weaknesses), then get ready to test your riding skills.

Win the Race

You've done plenty of riding by now, so you shouldn't have much trouble winning the competition. Simply be the first to cross the finishing line of the single-lap race to win the Superior Racing Saddle.

Talk to Molly

Locate Molly in the spectator stand and speak to her about Dandelion. When you have all the information you need, end the conversation.

Return to Novigrad on your own or with Voorhis and Baroness La Valette

Find Marabella and speak with Rosa var Attre

To complete your current quest, you need to return to Novigrad. You can, of course, ride back yourself, taking time to explore your surroundings. Alternatively, speak with Voorhis and the Baroness (at the top of the spectator stand) to join them as they journey home.

Talk to Marabella

Back in the city, descend the steps and make the short walk to your next destination. Inside the school, decide whether you want to wait or interrupt the lesson.

Wait until the lesson is over

If you're feeling patient, spend a few moments wandering around the classroom. Once the lesson is over, approach Marabella to inquire about Dandelion. Work your way through the dialogue options to learn of his fascination with fungus, then bring the conversation to a close.

Talk to Rosa var Attre

To conclude your investigation, leave the school and journey north, climbing the steps back up to the city's rather more opulent quarter. Approach the building where Rosa resides and knock on the door to begin a conversation with guards outside. If you tell the captain that you're here to see Rosa, he'll send you on his way, forcing you to find another route into the house.

Get inside the var Attre villa

Find a way into the var Attre villa

There are two ways to get into the villa: you can either work your way around the rocks to the rear of the house, or trek through the perilous sewers. Needless to say, the first option is easiest.

Option 1

Face the doorway to orientate yourself, then follow the wall around to the left, heading down the steps. A little further along the path, the buildings fall away, revealing an impressive vista of the surrounding countryside. Look for the small wooden steps on the left and head down to the lower level. Next, locate the small ledge a little way on and drop down to the grassy path winding around the rock. Follow it forward, leap over the gap and push on through the bushes.

On the other side, drop off the next ledge and begin scaling the rocks to the right. Swipe the love letter from the body on the ground then climb the final rock to the right to enter the villa grounds.

Option 2

Face south with the villa entrance behind you, then look for the steps to the south-east. Make your way down and locate the grate immediately to the right at the bottom. Descend the ladder and follow the sewer passage to the north-east, heading in the direction of the objective marker.

Keep pushing forward, dealing with the Water Hag and Drowners that that attack as you wind along the tunnel. Eventually it comes to and end and you'll emerge outside with the countryside stretching beneath you. Look for the ledge to the left and climb on up. Swipe the love letter from the body on the ground then scale the final rock to enter the villa garden.

Find Rosa var Attre

Make your way toward the main building and introduce yourself to Rosa var Attre. When the conversation is over, follow the guard into the villa.

Grab a wooden practice sword

Inside, look for the glowing weapons rack near the guard and grab the wooden practice sword.

Keep following the guard

Now suitably armed, follow the guard down the steps and into the practice room.

Beat Rosa

Once the cut-scene has ended, it's time to spar with Rosa. Don't worry: she's a doddle to beat in battle so just keep whacking her with your wooden sword until the session comes to an end. After you admit that you're not really an instructor, ask Rosa why she doesn't remember that. Next, explain that you're looking for information about Dandelion.

With the conversation over, Rosa demands a rematch. She's a little more aggressive this time, able to block your attacks more efficiently and able to withstand more of a beating. All the same, it won't take much effort to bring the fight to its conclusion. Afterwards, decline Rosa's request for a one-on-one private session, ask about Dandelion again and calm the ensuing argument. Finally, work your way through the remaining dialogue options and take your leave.

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Meet with Zoltan at the Rosemary and Thyme

Consult with Zoltan

Feel free to scour the villa for goodies before exiting the building then, when you're ready, make your way back to Zoltan at the Rosemary and Thyme. Engage him in conversation and tell him everything you learned about Dandelion. Find out more about Priscilla to wrap up the exchange.

Meet Zoltan in the Kingfisher Inn after sundown

Exit the Rosemary and Thyme then make your way north through the city. Once you've located the Kingfisher Inn, head inside - then sit back and enjoy the show. When you finally get chance to speak to Priscilla, work your way through the dialogue options until you learn of Dandelion's plans. Offer your services to rescue him, bringing the current quest to a close.

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