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The Witcher 3 - The Caretaker, Witcher Seasonings, Scenes from a Marriage

A guide to completing the Witcher Seasonings and Scenes from a Marriage quests in Hearts of Stone, before killing The Caretaker quickly.

This page covers The Caretaker, Witcher Seasonings and Scenes from a Marriage. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone walkthrough can help.

Prepare a vial of Cleansing Mixture - you need two rotfiend bloods, two wolfsbanes, and a Dwarven spirit - then head to the marker in Oxenfurt. Avoid getting too close and drawing atten tion to yourself, and activate your Witcher Sense to listen in on the conversation.

You'll have to do this a total three times before you get the information you need, and the last pair of guards are on the move - so be extra cautious.

Witcher Seasonings

Once you learn of the cook's whereabouts, head to the pier during daylight hours and talk to him. Either pay him 500 gold, or use Axii to persuade him to add some of the mixture to the food. When the team is assembled and the cook is on board return to the herbalist's hut and set the plan in motion. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we had recuited Quinto - the mission may play out slightly differently with Casimir.

Once you're inside the tower, make your way down. You'll be ambushed by some guards fast though, and the plan goes predictably pear-shaped. Stall the guards by demanding they back off, then head down to the vault. When the doors open you'll fall through a trap door and face off against some Arachnomorphs.

Once they've been dealt with, it's time for a spot of looting before heading through the large doors ahead. inside you'll have be given the choice of changing sides:

Stick with Ewald: You'll end up fighting Horst, his two guards, and Quinto. Once that fight is over, Ewald will refuse to hand over the house, so you will end up fighting him. When you're done, you can take the house and its contents.

Switch allegiance: You'll fight Ewald, and Horst will let you take the house but not its contents. You'll also need to locate a switch on one of the large stone pillars to shut the doors and prevent guards from pouring in.

Whichever option you take, loot the vault and return to Olgierd to finish the quest and learn about the third wish.

Scenes from a Marriage

Head to the Von Everec Estate. The gates are rusted shut, but just to the left you find a shouting man, standing on a collapsed section of wall. Speak to him, then use your Witcher Sense to explore the garden. Once you've searched it, head around the left side of the building towards the back garden, examining footprints and lockpicks on the way. Once you get out the back it's time for another boss fight!

Our Witcher 3 walkthrough and guide can help you with the main story, including the Wandering in the Dark and Family Matters missions, and eventually, one of several Witcher 3 endings. There's plenty of side content, too, including Witcher 3 Contracts, White Orchard quests, Velen quests, Novigrad quests and Skellige Isles quests. Elsewhere, learn about the best Witcher 3 builds, the best Witcher 3 mods, how to make money in Witcher 3, find Places of Power locations, and learn how to do Witcher 3 crafting and Witcher 3 Alchemy And when you're done with all those - we can help you through expansions with our Hearts of Stone walkthrough and Blood and Wine walkthrough.

Boss Fight: The Caretaker

This can be quite a tough fight to win. The caretaker can regenerate health, has a long reach, several area-of-effect attacks, a brutal charge, and a ground attack that leaves you stunned. To survive the fight, keep out of range whenever possible and make sure you dodge behind him when he charges up his ground attack - the floor in front of him will glow white when he's gettign this ready.

Once he's attacked like this his weapon will stick in the ground, giving you the chance to get in a few hits of your own. When the ground glows once again, retreat in order to avoid the area-of-effect blast, repeat the process, and you should be able to eventually whittle him down bit by bit. There's a lot of stuff that gets in the way of the camera during the fight, so you might find it easiest to lure him to the area directly behind the house, and then work your way from one end to the other.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to kill the painting Wraith.

- You can find the rest of our Hearts of Stone guide from the first page of this article.

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