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The Witcher 3 - Runewright, Enchanting, recipes, Start-up Costs, Quality has its Price

How to unlock the Runewright in The Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone expansion, along with a list of all the available Enchantment recipes.

This page covers Runewright, Enchanting, recipes, Start-up Costs and Quality has its Price. If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone walkthrough can help.

This secondary questline will unlock after reading the noticeboard at Seven Cats. It's advisable to at least start this before continuing the main quest to get maximum benefit from the new system. It's an expensive quest thread to complete, but some of the buffs you gain access to as a result are well worth the investment.

Once completed, you'll have access to the Runewright, a craftsman who provides an alternative way of adding buffs to weapons and armour by combining three runes or glyphs into a single effect. Any three-slot item can have one of the new upgrades applied, but doing so will destroy any current enchantments - make sure you remove any existing ones first! The Runewright can also add slots to items, but it's not a cheap process.

The Runewright's level can be increased by buying him new equipment. This will, in turn, unlock more powerful enchantments, but you'll need some serious cash to progress through the system. As an example, Level 1 costs 5,000 to unlock, Level 2 an additional 10,000, and top tier enchantments require another 15,000.

On this page you'll find details of the Runewright's questline, and all of the different enchantments we've managed to unlock so far. This part of our guide is very much a work in progress, and we'll be adding new recipes and requirements as we unlock them.

Enchanting: Start-up Costs

Level 32

Head for the marker and talk to the Runewright in his tent. He needs 5,000 gold in order to replace his tools. Hand the money over - or go and grind for it if you're a little short on funds - to unlock the next quest.

Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price

Level 32

Head for the quest marker and use Witcher Sense to locate the pickaxe in the cowshed. You now have three quest markers, so head to each one and use Witcher Sense to examine the small jade deposits. The position may well be random, but we found our at the central marker in a cave guarded by Arachnomorphs and Endrega Drones.

Once you've found the jade return to the Runewright. He's started setting up shop now, and can add slots to armour and weapons, as well as craft low-level glyphwords and runewords. Note that this craftsman requires 10,000 gold to create more powerful enchantments, and a further 15,000 to craft top-tier items.

Runewright Enchanting recipe list

Level 1 Enchantments


Preservation: Armourer's table and grindstone bonuses never expire.

Requires: 1 x Lesser Svarog, 1 x Lesser Devana, 1x Lesser Morana

Dumplings: Doubles vitality regen from food.

Requires: 2 x Pyerog, 1 x Tvarog

Placation: Maxed out adrenaline increases stamina and vitality regen, and toxicity depletion.

Requires: 1 x Lesser Devana, 1 x Lesser Morana, 1 x Lesser Stribog


Deflection: Armour deflects all arrows.

Requires: 1 x Lesser Aard, 1 x Lesser Warding, 1 x Lesser Reinforcement

Heft: All armour treated as Heavy.

Requires: 1 x Lesser Quen, 1 x Lesser Mending, 1 x Lesser Reinforcement

Depletion: hitting enemies with Aard reduces ther stamina by 50%.

Requires: 1 x Lesser Aard, 1 x Lesser Axii, 1 x Lesser Reinforcement

Usurpation: When an enemy affected by Axii dies, the effect transfers to the nearest target.

Requires: 1 x Lesser Axii, 1 x Lesser Binding, 1 x Lesser Reinforcement

Ignition: Enemies ignited with Igni have a 25% chance of igniting enemies within a 2 yard radius.

Requires: 1 x Lesser Igni, 1 x Lesser Yrden, 1 x Lesser Warding

Level 2 Enchantments:


Rejuvenation: Each fatal blow gives you 25% stamina.

Requires: 1 x Perun, 1 x Svarog, 1 x Stribog

Elation: Fatal blows give between .25 and 1 extra adrenaline points.

Requires: 1 x Dahzbog, 1 x Veles, 1 x Devana

Severance: Increases the range of Whirl by 1.1 yards and Rend by 1.9.

Requires: 1 x Zoria, 1 x Veles, 1 x Perun


Rotation: Igni expands to 360 degrees but no longer applies Burning.

Requires: 1 x Igni, 1 x Binding, 1 x Reinforcement

Entanglement: When an Yrden hits an enemy, an Yrden glyph appears at that position.

Requires: 1 x Yrden, 1 x Axii, 1 x Binding

Beguilement: Enemies confused by Axii will have the duration extended by 2 seconds every time they land a blow.

Requires: 1 x Axii, 1 x Igni, 1 x Mending

Protection: Automatically get a Quen shield with no stamina use when entering battle.

Requires: 1 x Quen, 1 x Yrden, 1 x Warding

Balance: All armour treated as Medium.

Requires: 1 x Axii, 1 x Mending, 1 x Reinforcement

Level 3 Enchantments


Invigoration: When vitality is full, vitality regeneration effects add 50% damage to your next strike.

Requires: 1 x Greater Devana, 1 x Greater Zoria, 1 x Greater Perun

Prolongation: Each unblocked blow extends potion duration by 0.5s.

Requires: 1 x Greater Morana, 1 x Greater Perun, 1 x Greater Svarog

Replenishment: Casting a sign uses an adrenaline point and imbues your next weapon strike with that sign.

Requires: 1x greater Triglav, 1x greater Morana, 1x greater Dazhbog


Possession: When an opponent affected by Axii dies the effect transfers to a nearby target and the duration extends by 2s for each blow the target lands.

Requires: 1 x Greater Axii, 1 x Greater Aard, 1 x Greater Binding

Retribution: Gives a 30% chance of reflecting a portion of any damage taken.

Requires: 1 x Greater Quen, 1 x Greater Igni, 1 x Greater Reinforcement

Eruption: Foes given Burning status explode upon death and cause splash damage.

Requires: 1 x Greater Igni, 1 x Greater Quen, 1 x Greater Reinforcement

Levity: All armour treated as Light.

Requires: 1 x Greater Aard, 1 x Greater Mending, 1 x Greater Reinforcement

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