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The Walking Dead's new online tool lets you redo past choices to import into The Final Season

Clementine will re-remember that.

Telltale Games has launched its rather nifty new online Story Builder tool for The Walking Dead, enabling you to relive key moments and remake old choices from previous series entries, ready to import into The Walking Dead: The Final Season when it launches on August 14th.

Telltale's Story Builder can be accessed using your web browser and is a surprisingly swish affair, presenting previous series' big moments (smaller decisions are omitted) using animated illustrations, music, and even a full narration from grown-up Clementine.

Story Builder is, obviously, jam-packed with spoilers, so you'll probably want to stay clear if you'd like to work your way through previous games unsullied. On the flip side, it's a great way to catch up ready for The Walking Dead's final season, if you don't fancy wading through 19 episodes of gruelling zombie misery beforehand.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Walking Dead - The Final Season | Comic-Con Teaser

Once you've completed the full Story Builder sequence, you can link your Telltale account and upload your choices to the cloud. These can then be imported directly into The Final Season when it launches, and your decisions will be reflected as the episodes progress.

As it happens, Telltale is offering a variety of ways to get your previous saves working with The Final Season. The game will also recognise local save files from completed play-throughs of A New Frontier, Season Two, and Season One from The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection, and it's possible to import partial saves from Season One as well.

Local saves can also be uploaded to the cloud and transferred from one platform to another. Needless to say, the usual cross-platform restrictions apply, so you won't be able to carry progress over from PS4 to Xbox One, or Xbox One to PS4. However, PS4 and Xbox One cloud saves can be used on PC (and vice versa), and all platforms will accept saves from iOS and Android. Full details of all this save transferal malarky can be found on Telltale's website.

And as a reminder, if you would rather experience the whole gruelling saga in full, and make your own choice along the way, Telltale is offering a genuinely decent pre-order deal on Xbox One and PS4. If you purchase The Walking Dead: The Final Season in advance of launch, you'll get full access to all 19 episodes - that's every season and spin-off - released so far.