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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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The Pokémon Center UK is now open

"We plan to expand our range over 2022 and beyond."

The Pokémon Center UK is now open.

Though currently running as a "beta" site - which means we're to expect "a few hiccups" - the Pokémon Center UK site caters directly to fans in the UK, offering a flat shipping fee of £5 per order.

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Right now there's a host of Christmas jumpers up for sale, as well as pins and plushies. Beyond that, you won't see much else, but the company says it "plans to expand [its] range over 2022 and beyond".

"Welcome to Pokémon Center UK," the website exclaims (thanks, NME). "Congratulations on being one of the first to discover this site-our recent expansion of the Pokémon Center!

"We're excited to welcome you with the best possible experience, but this site is still in its early stages, so you may see a few hiccups."

The site advises you to get your Christmas-flavoured orders in by 18th December in order for them to be delivered by Christmas Eve.

ICYMI, the Stardust Challenge runs throughout December 2021 in Pokémon Go. Newly introduced in Season of Heritage are monthly seasonal bonuses and timed research and in December, this will see double Stardust for the first daily catch, and will give you a string of quest steps to complete by collecting Stardust. Here's our Pokemon Go Stardust Challenge quest guide to get you started.

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