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The Outer Worlds' latest patch fixes font size issues, foliage envy, and more

Out now on all platforms.

If you've been enjoying your time with Obsdian's satirical space RPG The Outer Worlds, but have grown weary of squinting against the cold glass of your TV screen in order to decipher its teeny-tiny text, then rejoice: today you may finally slump back in your chair. The Outer Worlds' latest patch is out now and introduces, among other things, font size options for the game.

According to Obsidian's handy patch notes for The Outer Worlds' update, a font size option has been one of the community's top requested features since launch, and players on all platforms can now embiggen the fonts used in conversation text, cinematic subtitles, bark subtitles, and terminal text. You'll find the option in the Settings menu's UI tab.

For the most part, update 1.1's remaining changes are focussed on bug fixing and balancing - certain crashes should no longer happen, muffled sound should be a thing of the past on PS4, problematic companion quests and achievements should now be working as intended, and the Prismatic Hammer will no longer do thousand of points of damage at higher levels.

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Additionally, those eyeing their platform neighbours with green-eyed envy over their glorious, unkempt bushes should now be appeased following the arrival of The Outer Worlds' patch; Xbox One foliage should, says Obsidian, finally have parity with that of PlayStation 4.

Full details of today's update can be found over on the developer's forums.

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