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The Outer Worlds delayed on Nintendo Switch due to coronavirus

Physical version will now come on cartridge.

Take-Two has delayed The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch due to the coronavirus.

Subsidiary Private Division took to Twitter to say the virus, which has now spread to more than 25 countries, had forced the closure of the Chinese porting studio Virtuous.

"To clarify, the team at Virtuos is ok, but their office has remained closed during this time," Private Division said in a follow-up tweet.

"We're working with the team to determine an updated development timeline, and will share more regarding a new launch date shortly."

Obsidian's sci-fi role-playing game launched in October 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the Nintendo Switch version initially due out 6th March 2020. It's now due out at some point after Take-Two's current financial year, which ends 31st March 2020.

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In a financial call last night, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick said The Outer Worlds had "significantly exceeded our expectations", and has sold more than two million copies so far.

"We are confident that The Outer Worlds will continue to expand its audience, including through its release on the Nintendo Switch, which is now planned for fiscal 2021," he added.

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