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The next game by That Dragon, Cancer's dev is not what you'd expect

Comedic VR mystery Untethered now on Google Daydream.

That Dragon, Cancer developer Numinous Games just released a strange, comical VR mystery game for Google Daydream.

Called Untethered, this episodic series is a peculiar love letter to radio dramas. The first episode places players in the role of a radio show DJ unearthing some peculiar phenomenon from the isolated comfort of their rural Oregon recording booth.

Players will be asked to speak to call-in listeners and record commercials by actually talking into their real microphone. Neat!

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Subsequent episodes will have players assuming different roles, with each chapter being set around the same timeframe but portrayed from a different perspective.

Untethered has some star power behind it too with musical comedy duo Future Folk and singer/songwriter Jill Sobule providing exclusive tunes to be discovered in its first episode.

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