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The Good Life Liquid Vitae location: Where to find Sage and Butterfly Wing locations

Time to visit the Woodland Witch!

The Liquid Vitae is one of the items you need to find for the Ruff Dress during the Classical Cosplay quest in The Good Life.

You can't simply find or buy the Liquid Vitae though. Instead, you need to find some Sage and a Butterfly Wing.

Below you'll discover the Butterfly Wing and Sage locations in The Good Life.

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Liquid Vitae in The Good Life explained

The Liquid Vitae is an essential item for creating the Ruff Dress for the Classical Cosplay main quest in The Good Life.

This item can only be made by Pauline Atwood - i.e. the Woodland Witch - in the Witch House Pharmacy and you'll have to visit her first before you start gathering the materials required for making it.

Once you've talked to Pauline, she'll task you with find:

  1. Butterfly Wing
  2. Sage

You'll also need £3 in your wallet, but, after collecting these materials, Pauline will give you the Liquid Vitae you need for the Ruff Dress.

Butterfly Wing location in The Good Life explained

Butterfly Wings are one of the many resources you can randomly collect by checking the glowing hotspots in The Good Life. Thankfully, for Classical Cosplay, there is one specific location you can visit to find Butterfly Wings.

This location is the West Park, which located south of the 1977 pub and is where Henry Poe sits playing his fiddle.

Walk around the grassy part of this area and keep an eye out for any glowing spots to collect your Butterfly Wing.

Where to find a Butterfly Wing.

Sage location in The Good Life explained

You need two pieces of Sage to make the Liquid Vitae in The Good Life and, luckily, you find some just south of the Witch House Pharmacy.

While this area is highlighted by a small red circle on the map, you may have to wander out of this specific area to find the Saga. Just keep an eye for any glowing spots in this location and, hopefully, it will be the Sage you're looking for!

Where to find a Sage.

If you've already planted some Sage seeds in your garden, however, you might simply want to go pick them to save yourself some searching time.

Good luck making the Ruff Dress in The Good Life! Depending on the route you're taking through the game, you might also need to know the gnome locations.