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The Good Life - Gnome locations: Where to find gnomes during The Heritage of Rudman White

Do you think they come alive at night?

Knowing the gnome locations in The Good Life will help you stop William causing trouble during The Heritage of Rudman White urgent quest.

Rita seems very assured that lining these gnomes along the path to the White residence will stop William in his tracks, so it's time to borrow someone else's possessions.

Below you'll discover where to find the gnomes in Rainy Woods, so you can prevent William making a rather unwise decision.

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Gnome locations in The Good Life explained

Apparently the only way to stop William from barging down Rudman White's door during The Heritage of Rudman White urgent quest in The Good Life is to line up three gnomes along the driveway.

Since this is an urgent quest, you won't be able to partake in another main or side quest until it's completed. Plus, if William does reach the house before your task is complete, you'll have to start all over again.

For this reason, we recommend using your stamina wisely and, ideally, riding a sheep when possible. It's also a good idea to eat something which will provide you with a small stamina boost, because the majority of the gnomes are quite a distance from the White residence.

Thankfully, you only need to find three and, when you bring one to the White residence, it will be placed automatically and, below, we've listed the locations of three gnomes.

You can find the first gnome with a pot - in the garden of the Macauley Residence, which is directly opposite the Town Hall. The gnome itself can be found in front of the pink rose bush next to the garden fence.

The gnome is by the rose bush.

After placing this gnome, you can quickly collect the second gnome with the wheelbarrow - sitting by the wall opposite the entrance to the White residence.

For the third, sitting, gnome, you need to head back into Rainy Woods and visit Ms. Jan's garden, which is next to the Macauley Resident. Here, near some purple flowers by the wall, you'll find the gnome.

There are a number of other gnomes scattered about Rainy Woods, such as the one in the pub garden, but these are the closest to the White residence.

With the gnomes placed, William will become completely distracted and decide against visiting Rudman. Depending on the path you've taken through the game, you may still need to make the Ruff Dress and find the Liquid Vitae.

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