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The Good Life - Ruff Dress for Classical Cosplay: Where to find Glass Beads, Gold Nuggets and Wool Felt locations

Got to look fancy.

If you want to complete the Classical Cosplay main quest in The Good Life, then you need to own a Ruff Dress.

Virginia Yeats of Fancy and Bunny can make it for you, but there's a catch. First, she needs three Glass Beads, two Gold Nuggets, one Liquid Vitae and two pieces of Wool Felt.

Below you'll discover how to make the Ruff Dress in The Good Life by finding the Glass Beads, Gold Nuggets and Wool Felt locations.

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How to make the Ruff Dress in The Good Life

Samuel, the butler who looks suspiciously like a sheep, will only grant you access to the Bloodwoodes' property if you're wearing a Ruff Dress.

Thankfully, Virginia Yeats of Rainy Woods' Fancy and Bunny can make the dress for you, but she needs the following items first:

You'll also have to pay her £180, because, while this might be The Good Life, nothing is free.

Once you've gathered the materials and money, visit Virginia in the Post Office / Fancy and Bunny and select the Ruff Dress from the clothing menu. Virginia will then make your dress and you can use the wardrobe in her shop to change into it.

Now all you have to do is head back to Samuel to show him your new attire to complete Classical Cosplay!

Glass Beads locations in The Good Life

Glass Beads can be found by scavenging through the bins of Rainy Woods in Naomi's dog form in The Good Life. While the game will only highlight the bin near the local pub, called 1977, you can find Glass Beads in other bins.

The downside to scavenging bins, however, is the item you receive is randomly selected, which means you might not receive a Glass Bead. Due to this, you will have to wait for the bins to be refilled or find the Glass Beads through another method.

We recommend checking the roof of the pub, which has a number of item hotspots located atop of it. To reach the roof, you need to head to the back of the pub, going through the patio, until you reach the small alcove near the back door.

Head around to the pub's back door.

Once there, transform into a cat and use your Animal Vision to find the climbing spot. You'll now be able to easily reach the top most part of the roof where, hopefully, you'll find some Glass Beads.

Climb up onto the pub's roof to find some Glass Beads.

Remember - you need three Glass Beads for the Ruff Dress, so you can easily space this task out amongst collecting the other materials.

Gold Nuggets locations in The Good Life

Before you can start collecting Gold Nuggets in The Gold Life, you must first purchase a pickaxe for £30 from Douglas McAvoy at his shop, McAvoy Construction, which is located just south of your house.

Pickaxe in hand, you now need to head to Weskirk Cave, which is west of Rainy Woods. Before you go, however, make sure you have £10 in your wallet.

The easiest way to reach Weskrik Cave is to follow the westward road out of Rainy Woods - it takes you past The Downer Hotel and Veterinary Hospital - until you reach a locked gate on your right-hand side. Check your map if you feel a little lost!

The location of the gates leading to Weskrik Cave.

Spend £10 on unlocking the gate and follow this new path until you reach Weskrik Cave.

Once there, head into the cave to find a selection of pickaxe hotspots on the ground.

All you have to do now is interact with the hotspots until you find two Gold Nuggets. This may take you a bit of time, since which materials you receive is random, but you will, eventually, find two Gold Nuggets.

Wool Felt locations in The Good Life

There are two easy ways to find Wool Felt around Rainy Woods in The Good Life.

The first is to purchase it from Lonette Burley at Burley's Farm for £30 per piece.

If you'd rather save your money, however, you can shear your own sheep in the paddock on Burley's Farm. To do this, you simply need to interact with the sheep in your paddock - returning it to the field if you've been riding it - and select 'Shear.'

Since you need two pieces of Wool Felt for the Ruff Dress, you will need to shear two sheep or wait for the wool to grow back on one. You can also pay Lonette £10 to batch shear your sheep, but you will have to wait 28 days for her to do so.

We recommend shearing two sheep yourself to save a bit of money!

Good luck finding everything you need for the Ruff Dress and don't forget to get the Liquid Vitae! Depending on the route you're taking through the game, you might also need to know the gnome locations.

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