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Damned looks like a randomised, asymmetrical multiplayer take on Slender

One player is a ghost and hops between invisible and physical forms.

By and large horror and competitive multiplayer don't work together as one is predicated on feelings of isolation and the other on quick rounds of action, but Indiegogo project Damned has a unique premise wherein one player inhabits an invincible ghost tasked with slaying up to four other players as they rummage around for keys to escape.

Since the ghost is invincible, all the mere mortals can do is run and hide ala Slender or Amnesia. Intriguingly, the ghost can toggle between its invisible spectral form and a physical monster. When invisible, it won't be able to see anyone else or harm them as they're in a different plane of existence, but it can spook them with noises by making pianos play themselves, clocks strike, or doors slam. When the ghost turns into a physical monster it can run around and kill everyone, but anyone can see it too, and it won't be able to assume this form for long before recharging.

Thus, every round is a game of hide and seek with an only sometimes visible foe. From the sound of it, it seems like the ghost will be able to set sound traps, attempt to lure people to or away from a spot, then hope they've predicted where people will be before appearing and wreaking havoc. The different planes thing sounds smart in that it would be tough to shake a determined human opponent, but since they can only maintain their corporeal form for so long, there's a decent chance to slip away.

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The whole thing is set in a haunted hotel from the 1920s with randomised level layouts. Brazilian developer 9heads Game Studios is looking to raise $54,000 to build Damned's first floor and game mode, but it has various stretch goals to make more stages, modes and monsters.

Unfortunately 9heads' asking price is a little steep at $20 for a game key upon its inevitable release on PC, though this does include early alpha access. Hopefully the developer will alter its pricing structure or otherwise try to sweeten the pot.

As of now, Damned has raised $248 towards its $54,000 goal, but it just launched and has 52 days left until its 1st July deadline. Additionally, you can support it on Steam Greenlight.

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