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TF2 Heavy update next Tuesday

More weapons, maps, gameplay modes.

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Valve has confirmed the Heavy update for Team Fortress 2 will be released on PC on Tuesday 19th August.

Three new unlockable weapons will be added to the TF2 class, as well as more maps and a brand new gameplay mode. Valve calls this "the largest" update made to the game since launch.

Specific details on alterations and additions will be staggered to appear on the Heavy website between now and next Tuesday.

Team Fortress 2 designer Robin Walker has previously hinted that Heavy changes will make the class more viable solo, or without a Medic in tow.

The only official details released to date describes one of the community-made maps which will appear in the update.

To spur the community into action, Valve is offering Team Fortress 2 for free during the whole of next weekend, which begins 22nd August.

Head over to the "A Heavy Update" website to keep up to date.

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