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Teslagrad sequel World to the West channels top-down Zelda

Original game coming to Xbox One next week.

Teslagrad developer Rain Games has announced a follow-up to its lauded 2014 metroidvania with World to the West.

Set in the same universe as Teslagrad, World to the West opts for a top-down perspective that's more Zelda than Metroid, though it seems to retain its action puzzler roots and colourful steampunk art style.

This time out players take the role of four characters: Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus, the orphan from the underworld; Miss Teri the mind-bender and Lord Clonington, a moustachioed strongman. Each has their own unique abilities like Lord Clonington can punch his way through boulders and Miss Teri can possess animals via mind control.

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The developer teased a bit of stealth and diplomacy in its initial blog post about the upcoming adventure. "Brute force won't be the only way to beat your enemies though: you will be able to convince them to cease from their hostile intentions... or just avoid them, if you're a pacifist on the inside. It's your call!" Rain Games said.

There will also be returning character from Teslagrad, though Rain Games is staying mum on exactly who will make an appearance.

Teslagrad launched at the tail end of 2013 for PC, Mac and Linux before coming to PS4, PS3, Wii U and Vita in the years since. In that time it's been downloaded by over 1.6m people.

It's even coming to Xbox One on 9th March, finally.

Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin rather liked Teslagrad upon its release. "Teslagrad is a bold and captivating proposition. The unusual and elegant aesthetic is persistently attractive, and the lightness of touch with the storytelling brings the world-building to the fore," he stated in his Teslagrad review.