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Tell Me Why still to release in numerous countries

UPDATE: "This decision is based on a broad set of factors..."

UPDATE 14/9/20: Microsoft has provided the following vague statement on why Tell Me Why is not available in a number of countries, as reported by Eurogamer last week:

"Local availability of games may vary by market," an Xbox spokesperson said. "This decision is based on a broad set of factors and with a firm focus on the best gaming experience for consumers."

ORIGINAL STORY 11/9/20: Today sees the launch of the third and final chapter in Dontnod and Microsoft's engrossing teen drama Tell Me Why - in some countries, at least.

But other regions are still to see any chapter of the game release, on either the Microsoft Store or Steam.

Eurogamer was told by one Russian reader that the game was still unavailable to buy in their country - and indeed, Tell Me Why's product page on the Russian Microsoft Store lists it as "currently not available".

A check through other local Microsoft storefronts shows it is also unavailable in European countries such as Turkey and Ukraine, plus Middle Eastern regions such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, among others.

On SteamDB, its list of regional pricing for Tell Me Why suggests it is not available in Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Peru, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar or Uruguay.

We've asked Microsoft for more information on its release in these countries.

Tell Me Why is the latest game from Life is Strange developer Dontnod, and is published by Microsoft. One of its two playable main characters is transgender.

If you do live in a region where you are unable to play Tell Me Why yourself, you can watch Eurogamer's Aoife stream the whole thing in our series of Let's Plays:

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