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First episode of Life is Strange dev's gorgeous mystery Tell Me Why now permanently free

And the full game is currently half-price.

If you've yet to experience Life is Strange developer Dontnod's beautiful mystery adventure Tell Me Why, you can now play the entire first episode for free.

Released last August, Tell Me Why serves up a deft blend of earnest homecoming drama and mystery thriller, setting its three-episode story against a picturesque rendition of small-town Alaska - all snow-banked streets, crystalline lakes, and icily majestic mountain ranges.

It's another vividly drawn backdrop for Dontnod's particular brand of narrative adventure, which this time finds real beauty and warmth in the relationship between protagonists Tyler and Alyson - two twins reuniting in circumstances that force them to confront their traumatic past.

As in Dontnod's similarly styled earlier work, there's a touch of the supernatural at play, but it's primarily another keenly observed character piece. And while it never quite hits the same highs as the Life is Strange series (it certainly doesn't reach the sheer emotional devastation and tenderness of Life is Strange 2), its lows aren't as low either, arguably making it the developer's most assured, consistently enjoyable adventure to date.

Tell Me Why - - Announce Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"Dontnod has crafted a brilliant narrative that once again puts teenagers and young adults at the forefront of today's big issues, never shying away from talking about our world," wrote Eurogamer contributor Emad Ahmed last year, "But this isn't just an 'issues' game...Not only does it provide emotional depth, but the story seeks emotional justice, and it never fails to bring us along on this journey for the truth."

It's a story worth experiencing then, and interested players can now embark on the opening chapter of Tyler and Alyson's adventure for free. Episode one has had its price permanently dropped to zero on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

Those left suitably intrigued after the credits roll can pick up Tell Me Why's two remaining chapters for around £15 (with mild fluctuations depending on your store of choice), but there's currently 50% off, meaning the complete adventure is around £7.50 until Friday, 12th March.