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Switch redesigned to be more energy and resource efficient product, says Nintendo

"We pursue environment, social, and governance initiatives in ways suited to Nintendo."

Nintendo has shared information on the steps it has taken over the lifetime of the Switch family to reduce its environmental impacts.

The data was included in presentation materials used during a briefing with investors on the company's second quarter financial results. The presentation is available publicly from Nintendo's website.

The details of Nintendo's environment initiatives begin on page 51 of the uploaded PDF.

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Nintendo stated it was conscious of environmental considerations with its products and its offices.

With regards to the Switch, it said it has taken action to design a more energy and resource efficient product. According to Nintendo's tests, when docked the launch model uses about 12 watts, whilst the current model uses seven. The OLED model is slightly more efficient then the current model, using only six watts, achieving a reduction in power consumption of 50 percent.

Nintendo also said it had taken steps to conserve resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the manufacturing and transportation of Switch units, and committed to further initiatives including "expanding the use of renewable energies and efficiently utilising resources".

Reports of Nintendo reducing the size of Switch packaging, in order to increase the number of shipments, first appeared in August. Australian community website Vooks calculated the OLED packaging to be 14 percent smaller than that of the previous Switch models. In the presentation, Nintendo stated the change in volume is now at 18 percent. The company said it plans to start replacing the packaging for the current Switch model with the smaller packaging used for the OLED model from the end of 2022.

In the Q&A session with investors after the presentation, president of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa reiterated the company currently has "no plans" to increase the price of the Switch, and it will continue to monitor the economy and market moving forward.

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