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Nintendo to shrink Switch boxes to boost shipment sizes

Pack in game.

Nintendo will lose up to 20 percent from its Switch console boxes in order to squeeze more units into each shipment.

A new report by Nikkei states the change will help Nintendo shift greater stock volumes more quickly, and also for less money.

Vooks, which translated the report, calculated that Nintendo had already shrunk the Switch's box by around 14 percent for its more recent Switch OLED version.

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The suggestion, therefore, is that Nintendo is looking to shave off a further six percent of box volume to slim down its shipments even more.

Nintendo produces the Switch in China, and from there ships the console across the world. It's at this stage that Nintendo appears to be trying to make its processes more effective - at a time where logistical issues are still plaguing trade around the world.

It's interesting to see Nintendo doing what it can to speed up Nintendo Switch production. The company has also been hit by the global shortage of computer chips - an issue which has also bottlenecked Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, arguably to an even greater degree. There's no quick fix to that problem, however.

In May, Intel's boss predicted the global chip shortage would continue into 2024 due to ongoing disruption caused by Covid, coupled with the pandemic simultaneously creating higher demand.

Earlier this month, Nintendo blamed component shortages for a further slowing of Switch hardware sales, but said that demand remained "stable".

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