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Super Stardust Ultra is coming to PlayStation VR

VR port coming later this year.

Super Stardust Ultra is coming to PlayStation VR.

Boxart for Super Stardust Ultra VR was spotted in the wild by thesixthaxis over the weekend, with some further details revealing the game will feature all the original modes alongside a new first-person perspective. The news isn't so much of a surprise - last February it emerged that Finnish developer Housemarque was toying with getting Super Stardust Ultra working on VR headsets.

This final version is being developed elsewhere, however, with Runcorn-based d3t taking on the duties for Super Stardust Ultra VR (it's worth nothing that d3t also developed the original Super Stardust Ultra for PS4). Hustle Kings was also spotted as being slated for release on PlayStation VR.

Sony's PlayStation VR comes out this October, and Sony is expecting high demand for the headset.

Housemarque, meanwhile, is working on PS4 exclusive Matterfall and an all-new project in collaboration with arcade legend Eugene Jarvis which makes me come out in a bit of a cold sweat every time I'm reminded it's a real thing that is happening right now. I caught up with the developer last month to annoy them with lots of questions about the new game.

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