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Super Stardust Ultra release date set for next week

Housemarque's latest hits PS4 at 1080/60.

Super Stardust Ultra, the fourth game in Housemarque's splendid series of twin-stick shooters, is due on PS4 come 11th February.

Super Stardust Ultra has 3D support for all two of you that have 3D TVs. Will those ever catch on?

It will cost €12.99 and PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a 20 per cent off discount during its first week on sale.

Running at 1080p/60fps, this latest entry includes five new stages and nine single-player modes. Some of these are debuting for the first time in this PS4-exclusive.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, one of these is Blockade, a mode in which your ship continually drops bombs. This will add a Snake-like challenge to the proceedings as you try to avoid (or boost through) ground you've recently treaded, but on the plus side these bombs can be used against foes as well.

There's also an optional Interactive Streaming mode where you can allow spectators to influence your playthrough as they vote on whether to send another wave of foes your way or lend you a much needed care package.

Super Stardust Ultra will also support up to four-player splitscreen multiplayer for both competitive and co-operative play.

Check out the spectacular light show that is Super Stardust Ultra in the following launch trailer.

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