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Super Meat Boy's spiritual successor The End is Nigh reveals more masochistic gameplay

The beginning of the end.

Super Meat Boy co-creator Edmund McMillen and Closure developer Tyler Glaiel have unveiled more footage of their upcoming platformer collaboration The End is Nigh.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe End is Nigh gameplay!
Those collectibles are actually pieces of corpses that you're gathering to quite literally make a friend.

We knew The End is Nigh would be a series of single-screen platforming challenges, but now we have a better sense of how it all fits together. It looks like each single-screen challenge connects directly to another part of the world, yet timed events - such as crumbling platforms and towers - reset every time you walk to another screen and back.

Thankfully, these transitions are instantaneous. They also only reset the level's geometry, while the collectible doodads - of which there appears to be one per screen - stay with you so long as you're able to snatch one and make your way off-stage. If you collect one then don't make it out, however, you'll have to grab it again.

The full game will be comprised of over 600 single-screen stages with plenty of secret areas and multiple endings.

The End is Nigh is coming to Steam on 12th July. You can pre-order it now for 10 per cent off at £9.89 / $13.49. A Switch version is planned to follow.