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Super Mario Odyssey launches October

UPDATE: Wedding Mario, Bowser and Peach amiibo shown.

UPDATE: Nintendo just showed off Super Mario Odyssey's three amiibo figures on its Treehouse Live stream. Wedding Mario, Bowser and Peach all feature dressed in their finest:

The trio will unlock new costume items in-game, as well as some form of new "help mechanic", Nintendo teased.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Mario Odyssey will launch worldwide on 27th October.

It's a little earlier than expected, but very welcome after the expanded look we just got.

Nintendo's E3 2017 Spotlight presentation concluded with a glimpse at numerous new kingdoms to explore and Mario abilities to master. For example, Mario dons a safari outfit while in an area with dinosaurs reminiscent of a game like Turok, or dons a poncho while exploring a world themed like the Mexican Day of the Dead festival.

But it's not these costumes which grant Mario power - it's his magical souped up red cap. Throwing the headwear at an enemy or at various items will now allow Mario to take control of the thing - so you can inhabit a Cheep Cheep fish to swim through water, or a Bullet Bill to fly through the air and explode blocks.

Mario's cap has other uses, too - as a platform for jumping on, or as a boomerang-style weapon to fling at foes.

We'll have much more on Super Mario Odyssey from E3 very soon.

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