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Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts hits VC

Galaga and Double Dungeons too.

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Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts heads a trio of new additions to be added to Nintendo's Virtual Console service today.

Capcom's ultra-tough SNES platform classic was originally released in Japan and North America in late 1991, following more than a year later in Europe.

The 2D side-scroller once again stars the Knight Arthur on a brutal quest to save his bride, Princess Prin-Prin from the undead horde. Like all the SNES titles on VC, it'll set you back 800 points.

Elsewhere on VC this week, there's a port of 1981 Namco arcade shoot 'em up classic Galaga. Released seven years later on the NES, it's a pretty faithful port, and it'll set you back 500 points.

And concluding this week's new additions is Double Dungeons on the Turbografx-16. Available for 600 points, this 1989 RPG was never released in Europe, and involves moving through 22 rudimentary 3D dungeons, killing enemies, gaining experience points and taking their gold.

More excitement next week, retro heads.

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