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Suda 51's The Silver Case remake now has a demo

Party like it's 1999.

The Silver Case, the first game peculiar Japanese auteur Suda 51 made at his studio Grasshopper Manufacture, is getting a remake for PC this autumn where it will make its western debut. And now it has a free demo on Steam.

Flower, Sun and Rain is a spin-off to The Silver Case featuring some of the same characters.

The 1999 visual novel is set in a futuristic Tokyo in the fictitious 24th Ward where police use advanced technology to solve crimes. The game is split into two scenarios: one revolving around a detective and the other based around a journalist.

This demo build takes us through the the start of its Decoyman chapter, which focuses on a detective learning that a serial killer has busted out of the hospital. The second half of the demo revolves around the special forces unit trying to apprehend him.

Since this is an old-fashioned visual novel, there's not much in the way of gameplay aside from a very brief section where the special forces op can select their movement through a grid-like forest during a raid, but even this is sequence is highly scripted with your commander telling you what to do the entire time. But if you're interested in Suda 51 and Grasshopper's origins, feel free to give it a go.