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The Silver Case remake gets a PS4 release date

Grasshopper's earliest game to join its latest on Sony's console.

The recent remake of The Silver Case, Grasshopper Manufacture's first game, is coming to PS4 in Europe on 21st April, publisher NIS America has announced.

North Americans will receive it three days earlier on 18th April. It will be available both digitally and as a retail release.

Released earlier this year on Steam and Playsim, The Silver Case is a surreal sci-fi visual novel with light puzzle elements that tells the tale of a serial killer on the loose in a futuristic Japan.

The brainchild of Grasshopper founder and Killer7 director Suda 51, The Silver Case originally launched in 1999 as a PSone game in Japan. It never saw a western release until developer Active Gaming Media collaborated with Suda on a modern remake that launched back in October.

It's worth noting that once The Silver Case launches in April, the PS4 will be the only host to both Grasshopper's oldest title and its newest as the studio's free-to-play "survival action" game Let it Die just premiered exclusively on Sony's current console. Based on my early impressions, Let it Die is among the company's best.

In the meantime, you can play a demo of The Silver Case for PC and Mac via Steam and Playsim.

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The Silver Case

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