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Suda 51's 1999 visual novel The Silver Case teases first footage of remake

The debut game from Grasshopper Manufacture.

Back in May Killer 7 and No More Heroes director Suda 51 announced an HD remake of The Silver Case, the first game from his studio Grasshopper Manufacture.

Now we have a trailer showing what the modern art style looks like in this re-imagining of a 1999 PlayStation One title. We also hear some newly remixed music by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

Cover image for YouTube videoシルバー事件1st トレーラー/The Silver Case 1st Trailer

The Silver Case is a visual novel set in the same universe as Flower, Sun and Rain. It's set in the near future in Japan's fictitious 24th Ward where police are armed with high tech equipment to solve crimes. Players follow the stories of two characters: a detective and a journalist.

Players mostly just click their way through the dialogue, though there will be occasional quiz sections and mini-games.

The Silver Case will make its english language debut this autumn on Steam and Playism.