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Stronghold 3 release date announced

Game is gold.

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Strategy PC game Stronghold 3 launches worldwide on 25th October, 7sixty has announced.

Almost a decade after the first game in the series launched, Stronghold 3 is gold.

"Firstly we want to thank fans for waiting patiently for Stronghold 3, it's been a long time coming but we wanted to make sure we created something really special," said Simon Bradbury, lead designer at Firefly Studios.

"This is the 'ultimate Stronghold', featuring the best bits from previous titles and some fantastic new elements - like night time sieges and a cutting edge graphics engine."

The game goes live in shops as a boxed game and in digital shops, including Steam. Pre-order it there and you get the first Stronghold free, as well as the Tower of London single-player stage.

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