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Stronghold 3 still alive

Coming first quarter of 2011.

Publisher SouthPeak plans to release Firefly's castle-building game Stronghold 3 early next year.

In a press release sent out this morning the publisher said Stronghold 3 "will be released globally for Windows PC in the first quarter of 2011".

"Stronghold 3 is an extremely impressive addition to our continually growing portfolio," said Melanie Mroz, SouthPeak's CEO.

"We believe that Stronghold 3 will be an important growth driver for SouthPeak and that the Stronghold brand will benefit from our proven distribution, sales and marketing expertise.

"FireFly Studios are creating a true masterpiece, pushing the boundaries of what can be expected in this type of game.

"Millions of existing fans are sure to be excited by this incredible leap forward and new fans will be introduced to a game of superior quality and exceptionally broad appeal."

Last month CDV took action against SouthPeak for alleged non-payment of bills, sending bailiffs to take over 40,000 games from SouthPeak, and freezing a payment to the publisher from distributor Centresoft in the hope of redirecting it to CDV.

However, Eurogamer has been reliably informed that the release of Stronghold 3 is still going ahead exactly as planned.

Some nice new Stronghold screens are below.

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Stronghold 3


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