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Stronghold 3 release date now autumn

SouthPeak label 7Sixty takes control.

Castle building strategy game Stronghold 3 will be published by new company 7Sixty this autumn.

7Sixty is an affiliate of SouthPeak Games. The latter will work as a distributor, with 7Sixty fronting projects in the traditional publisher role.

Less traditional, however, will be 7Sixty's requirement that every game have "digital scope" as well as a physical on-shop-shelves presence.

Stronghold 3 will be 7Sixty's first release.

Stronghold 3 once carried a spring 2011 release, but was delayed to summer 2011 because developer Firefly needed more time. And now it appears to have slipped again.

The Stronghold series has apparently accrued more than 5 million sales in its lifetime.

Eurogamer's Stronghold 1 review from 2001 turned up a 6/10.

Eurogamer's Stronghold 2 review from 2005 turned up a 7/10.

A new Stronghold 3 video ooh aah.

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