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Street Fighter IV specials uncovered

Fresh snaps from Capcom spill beans.

Street Fighter IV appears to feature super cancels; a mind boggling procedure where you cancel a special with a super. Makes perfect sense.

Evidence comes from a sequence of screenshots given to Eurogamer which show Ryu slamming his fiery balls into Ken.

Fans should be able to spot the enormous fireball immediately following the initial small burst.

Those who have no idea should concentrate on the facial expressions of Ryu and Ken, the warring would-be brothers who trained at the same dojo once upon a time and were also portrayed as two con artists in the rubbish film.

Street Fighter IV aims to take the series in a new graphical direction. It features chunky 3D models and scenery but good old 2D fighting.

The game is due out on 360 and PS3 sometime in the future, hopefully later this year.

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Street Fighter IV

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