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Street Fighter 5's stages just got a lot better

And yes, you can make Urien wear a thong.

Capcom just put out a big update for Street Fighter 5 and now the stages are a lot more fun.

Previously, only one of the stages in the fighting game featured a transition and K.O. sequences. Now, all the launch stages feature K.O. sequences, and two include a transition.

Highlights include a massive hotdog landing on your opponent's head, knocking your opponent into a bank on the destroyed New York stage and getting to wear things, such as a bearskin and a bunch of bananas.

Check out all the new K.O.s and stage transitions in the video below.

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That's not all that's new with the update. Crucially, Capcom has corrected a spelling error that reported multiple losses as "loses". It now says "losses", as it should.

There's more. The promised, Daily Targets are finally in the game, and the new Necalli costume is available to buy. This costumed was designed in part by Japanese pro player Kazunoko.

And finally, the main event: Urien. Players have discovered that if you hold down LP, MP and HP after selecting Urien, he'll burn off his suit and wear a thong during the match, aping his much-loved Street Fighter 3: Third Strike costume. This works on all of his DLC outfits, too. Check it out in the video, below.

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